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Web hosting is a requirement for every site and blog on the internet today, but not all web hosting platforms are the same. Some are catered to extremely low-end hosting and cost just a few dollars per month, while other are catered specifically to big ecommerce sites that require super fast hosting and lots of storage space and immediate customer support.

Another huge component of web hosting, is knowing what type of platform you are going to power your site with, and how many sites you will be hosting through your preferred solution. This ultimately leads us to our next type of hosting, which is WordPress Hosting.

As WordPress continues to dominate the CMS space and power more sites than any other platform, the demand and need for WP-focused web hosting solutions continues to rise day after day.

And this is exactly what we are seeing with, a web hosting solution built for WordPress users, and created by hosting experts that have already been in the industry for several years now.

With so many different hosting solutions out there to choose from, today we are going to look at Hosting and see why they might be the right choice and best option for your site. WordPress-Focused Web Hosting

Having been a website creator and owner for more than 20 years now, I can firsthand tell you that the process of choosing the right web hosting can be one of the most annoying and time-consuming processes out there. However, after the decision is made, you likely won’t need to log into your account that often, unless you are adding new sites.

With that being said, when you are choosing a new hosting solution, it’s important to go with a good one so you don’t need to change later on. is a WordPress-focused hosting solution that has a completely customer user-interface that is extremely easy to use, while also looking quite awesome in comparison to other platforms.

The company was also founded by Ben, Aaron and Josip, whom all have extensive background in the world of web hosting and internet marketing. Through their previous work and experience in this space, they felt was time to create a hosting solution of their own… even with how competitive the market currently is.

And while the hosting market is extremely competitive, also already done a great job of standing out from the crowd, while also keeping their focus purely on WordPress sites and having solid goals and company standards in place.

You can learn more about the team and growth of the company, through the About page on their site. Hosting and Features

When looking around for a new and reliable hosting solution, there are a few things you should be considering over others. As important as pricing might be to most site owners, the importance of data backups, immediate customer support and a hosting platform that is focused on WordPress, may quickly find their way at the front of your preference sheet.

In the case of, they have all of these areas covered, but they also don’t fall into the ‘few dollars per month’ hosting solutions — and nor should they.

Through the use of the advanced features offered by Rocket (include Free SSL Certificates, Website Firewalls, Full Page Caching, Automated Updates, 200+ Edge Locations and Automated Backups), they are already offering more than most of the competitors out there, while still also being quite competitive on their pricing. Dashboard Member Area

Another key factor to consider when choosing your web hosting solution, is what the interface and backend looks like. Gone are the days (at least they should be) of logging into a premium hosting solution and seeing the ugly CPanel solution and trying to figure everything out. has gone with a complete custom solution and interface that makes the process of adding domains, setting up new sites and complete site management super easy — while also being visually appealing.

You can see a screenshot of their member dashboard area below.

Let’s Start a New WordPress Site Using Rocket

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a website site, already have five blogs or even a network of 100+ sites… we’re likely always going to be adding new sites to our hosting at different times.

And with each individual host out there, the process is always the same for connecting a domain name to your hosting account and going live with a new WordPress account (depending on their platform).

While some hosting solutions might not offer WordPress installs at all, and others will offer one-click solutions, has a pretty fancy set up in place… which we will walk through right now.

1) Create New Site

First thing first, you will need to click on the “Create Site” button from your main dashboard area. Then you will be sent to the area shown below, which is where you can add your site name and geographic location.

2) WordPress Site Details

Since WordPress is the focus of hosting, you will likely be using WP with your new site.

To set this up, simply add your requested username, password, email address and language, and also if you would like to include Multi-site Support and WooCommerce.

3) Ready to Go Live!

Now it’s time to go live with your site. After filling out all of the previous content, you will be sent to the new dashboard area for your new domain and site. From here you can click on the “Get Started” button to proceed with the process.

After clicking the “Get Started” button, it’s now just a matter of adding and connecting your domain name to the hosting servers. This is a simple three-step process which the platform walks you through.

If this is your first time walking through the process of setting up a new domain and WordPress site, makes it extremely easy and fast. If you’ve already done this a million times with sites, you will also appreciate the process and breeze right through it. WordPress Hosting Costs

As most of us already know, web hosting comes in many different shapes and sizes. And along with these shapes and sizes, comes a world of a difference in hosting costs as well.

For example, most shared hosting solutions that offer $5 a month hosting, also require you to pay 12, 24 or even 36 months in advance to secure those prices. That is fine, but if you aren’t looking to pay hundreds upfront, it might not be the best solution. It also might not be ideal, since they are going to stick thousands of shared sites on the same server as well. has considered all of these factors and have come up with a premium pricing plan that not only fits the needs of site owners, businesses and brands, but also allows for competitive pricing in the process.

WordPress hosting plans start at $25 a month when billed annually, and go up to $166 per month if you need more then 25 sites to be hosted through their platform. As you will notice, the more sites you need, the higher the level of a hosting plan you will need to go with.

* hosting is currently running a launch promotion special where new customers will get their first month of hosting for just $1!

And of course, all WordPress plans come with the super-easy WP install process and Free SSL, CDN and WAF for all hosted sites. If you already have sites hosted elsewhere and would like to move them over to, they offer full migration services for this as well. Premium Web Hosting Support 

Along with premium hosting being offered by, they also promise to have some of the best customer support options in the industry as well.

Through the use of their email/support tickets, publications and announcements through their blog, a user-friendly Knowledge Base and network status, they are doing a great job already. And if you visit the site or log into your account, you will also notice that have Live Chat options as well. Hosting for WordPress Sites

The process of starting a new website or blog is always a fun one, no matter how many sites you might already have. But it might not be a fun process if you have a slow web hosting solution that is super aged and not offering the advanced features being highlighted in this hosting review.

In order to create a successful website or blog, you need to have a premium hosting solution that not only can offer services that grow with your site, but also make it an easy and enjoyable process to work with.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out what has to offer and see if they are the right hosting for your site.

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