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3 things to consider before investing in new technology for your small business

How hard has it been to find or keep skilled workers lately? If you’re like most professionals I talk with, it’s next to impossible. Even if we weren’t contending with a global health crisis, there never seems to be enough people available to get the job done. Now that you need twice as...

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Traditional passwords aren’t enough anymore. Here’s what else your business needs to stay secure

Biometrics and authentication apps are more secure alternatives to the traditional password.

The average person juggles 100 different passwords, according to security firm NordPass. Consider that for a moment: The login information your employees or your customers use is just one set of many several...

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How to use different social-media platforms to build press relationships

It’s no secret that public relations are all about relationship building (hey, it’s in the name). Traditionally, relationship building was done through mixers and coffee chats with journalists. I still remember the number of free dinners I was offered in my years as a journalist! Enter social media, and you can…

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