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8 best investment apps in September 2021

Looking for the best investing apps to get your financial life back on track? A solid finance app can handle routine financial tasks, shuffle money into investing accounts, and track spending. But the best investment apps can also let you quickly trade stocks, follow your account in real time and...

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The right ratio of carrot-to-stick when it comes to incentivizing your employees

As a leader, you’ll figure out pretty quickly that most people are more willing to do what you ask them to do if you give them the right carrots — that is, incentives and rewards. Both psychology and economics back up this approach with nudge theory, which involves presenting positive…

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You check your stock portfolio dozens of times a day. Is that a problem?

Advisers often give two directives to anxious clients: “Stick with the plan” and “Don’t check your portfolio every day.”

Sticking with the financial plan that investors pay their adviser to customize for them is relatively easy. But for some investors, it’s hard to resist repeatedly checking their brokerage balance…

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