Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Connecting a Web site to the payment processing networks is exceptionally difficult and typically beyond the expertise and technical resources of most online businesses. That is why the factor of major importance for any online business is the ability to accept online payments from your customers. And not only accept, but do it fast and efficient.

Komino Solutions team helps our members meet specific needs and goals through simple, secure, cost-effective merchant processing process.

With an extensive line of merchant processing products from which to choose, we can customize a complete payment solution that best fits the business model you selected to be a part of.

When you join with Komino Solutions, you can count on our commitment to maintaining high levels of security for each of our payment processing products. We help protect your customers and your business from the increasing complexities of electronic theft and credit card fraud, so that you reduce costs and liability while improving revenue.

We are taking care of securely connecting your webstore to the payment gateway, setting up necessary security settings to prevent unauthorized access and finally connecting to the payment processing (merchant) account. We provide complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of all transaction data.

Our goal is to make sure your store is available 24/7 for processing transactions.