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Why you should avoid overcapitalization (and how to get fundraising right)

If you take too much capital and accept a valuation that drifts too far from reality, you can find your business someplace you never wanted to be.

Unicorns -- privately held startups valued at over $1 billion -- were once rare and remarkable. Today, there are now...

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9 public-relations and digital-marketing trends for 2022

I’ve been hearing frustrated entrepreneurs and freelance publicists lament for weeks: “Getting media exposure for my brands has been tough!” From the rise of influencers to the consolidation and collapse of media outlets, the past two years dramatically altered the public-relations and digital-marketing landscape, making earned media, even for the most seasoned…

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5 essential considerations you need to make before investing in new technology

If you’re ready to introduce or upgrade some technology tools, you are on the way to seeing great benefits. But shopping for the technologies you need can be tedious. Today, there are more options to choose from than ever. How will you know which mobile, scanning or printing devices are right for your...

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