Healthcare and Beauty Products

Energy Drinks

The human being is capable of doing numerous tasks in one day with the right sustenance. The advent of energy drinks has only brought more variations of energy sources without having to eat large amounts of food, and a great population takes advantage of this. Take advantage of it as well with Komino Solutions, where you can sell or provide all sorts of energy drinks. You have all the options of your online store’s scope of products, delivery areas, and marketing. Contact your Business Adviser for more information.

Fitness Products

Members of Komino Solutions can now conduct online transactions involving flower orders and deliveries for their clients and customers. Choose from the wide array of catalogs from our network of service providers, with options in prearranged or customized bouquets, and immediacy of delivery. The arrangements are usually categorized by occasion for the bouquet, size, color, or type of flower prominent in the bouquet. Clients can also choose what to put the flowers in, whether vases, baskets, or paper bouquets, and some providers offer the option of adding a toy, chocolates, candles, and pillows along with the flowers ordered. Interested in this line of business? Contact your Business Adviser for more information and how to start setting up your online flower shop.

Bath and Beauty

Beauty products have had their slot in the market way back in history, and this hasn’t changed. With Komino Solutions, you can make a living from this age-old business, by selling bath and beauty products online. There are many opportunities in providing for individual orders and wholesale markets, as long as there are women out there to buy beauty in a jar. Komino’s network can take care of all the business details. All you have to do is decide what product to sell.

Herbal Medicine

As the trending support for ecologically safe products and practices grows, so does Komino’s Solutions ride this wave of going back to nature for the sake of our bodies and our planet. The demand for herbal solutions and eco-friendly products grows, and a smart entrepreneur like you would do well to supply for this demand. With Komino, your online store, marketing, and sales can be handled for you even if you wish to involve in herbal medicines. However, widen your scope of target buyers or product range, and a blooming business can begin with Komino Solutions!

Vitamins and Supplements

In a fast-paced world, a whole lot of shortcuts have been invented to make more time for all the things we have to do. Gadgets, machines, devices, fast food. To counter all these, a good shortcut had been invented too – vitamins. For supplementing all our nutritional needs that are not easy to get when you’re in a hurry. At Komino Solutions, selling vitamins online can be done in a snap; all you have to do is apply for membership, and your Business Advisor will link you with providers of general or specific vitamins, whichever you think sells best.