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A small business guide to financial projections and forecasting

In order to get the attention of serious investors, it is important to have realistic financial projections incorporated into your business plan. Projections can be a tricky business as you try to anticipate expenses while trying to predict how quickly your business will grow. With a quick outline and some forethought, though, you can easily get a handle on your…

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A small business guide to balance sheets

A company’s balance sheet is one of several important financial statements that report on its performance. But to understand the importance of a balance sheet, you need to understand the balance sheet equation and the types of accounts it uses. Then you can download a balance sheet template and review some analytical tools to assess your business…

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How to calculate tax liability for your business

Tax liability is the amount of tax that you owe a particular tax authority. While the most common tax authority is the IRS, small businesses can also have a tax liability for other tax authorities including state and local jurisdictions.

Liabilities represent money that your business owes; therefore, your tax liability is the amount of money that your business owes various…

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