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Ready to start a business? Think about brand strategy before you start spending.

Ready to start your business? Many who start a business launch in the industry they have been working in already have some familiarity. Due to this, many assume they know what they need, especially regarding overhead, such as office space, equipment, employees, and other factors. However, this is a flawed approach, as many do not start and budget…

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5 steps to take control of your personal brand

It’s not an easy feat to become a millionaire and surely, lots of lessons are learned along the way. For Entrepreneur Network partner Jack Canfield, reaching this personal milestone has brought much wisdom along the way.

For instance, if you were feeling unhappy before you made a million dollars, chances are you will be unhappy after. To Canfield, an influx…

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5 ways to make your business more socially conscious without alienating loyal customers

With more competition than ever before, you’ll need.a way to stand out and show what you stand for, all without alienating loyal customers.

As business owners, we always want to make a difference in the world — but we definitely don’t want to alienate our loyal customer base. According to a recent study, 87 percent of customers choose to purchase from…

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