Three approaches for instilling more creativity into your business

The questions about the new normal have emerged since the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lifestyles. Nowadays, the only thumb-up rule is to beat the tide of uncertainty through persistence, creativity, and strong faith in better days.

Entrepreneurs who are willing to navigate through a new sea will still have a lingering question of what their next step in business might be. In order to stay ahead  of your game, you need to tackle your business from a different perspective. In doing so, you are diving deep into inverting ideas into a form that will adapt seemingly to the new norm of conducting business. The reason is that new patterns of innovative thinking will provoke the brain to use reasoning that is not obvious to the public. As said before, if you want a different outcome, always think of a different approach.

Therefore, integrating three dynamic scenarios for inspiring more creativity in your business will always help you to push through any chaos.

1. Alternative concept

We all fall on the same pit of awkwardness when it comes to generating more creative ideas. The most important tool here is to peek sharply into the other shore of mastering things up. Sticking around one point, one idea, or even one perspective will take you nowhere but into the same old routine of conducting your business. Mastering your creative spark can come through collecting ideas either via  brain storming, mind mapping or visualizing random  concepts. A good tool kit at this stage  might be incorporating more colors, various wordings from the dictionary, symbols and figures to invigorate your mind to generate more creative concepts. Your goal at this point should be to simply generate various new concepts pertaining to the subject that you want to tackle. This is a random stage of generating ideas, and you will not necessarily be able to pin one idea down; however, you will probably filter  the great ideas from those that are mediocre.

2. Good questions

The power of  good questions will generate more ideas and solutions to the issue at hand. The “what if” will flip the coin to more inventive scenarios for solving a problem, or to a new business approach. It is obvious that people will always choose a highly sought-after method or thinking pattern when responding back to any business situation. However, when asking good questions, you will verbalize your convictions which will lead to questioning them. In redirecting a question of “what if you failed to follow the usual approach?”, you are actually questioning the approach at hand and experimenting various new solutions to the same problem. The fact is that what has been tried, selected, or followed by many businesses might not fit your business scenario. Hence, you cannot think of a creative solution by following an old pattern of thinking.

3. Opposite approach

Sometimes, figuring out the opposite side of things, or reversing an issue, will give birth to various new and more creative solutions. The so-called opposite approach will lead you to visualize problems and solutions from a different dimension which could sometimes look ridiculous or too simple.

However, the purpose of this exercise is to free your mind and belief systems from the common standard, leading to more creativity. It is because creativity always flourishes on a non-restrictive ground. Therefore, reversing a situation  will unleash an old pattern and replace it with a novel approach.

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