15 Stats About Amazon’s Super Fast Shipping and Delivery Service

Amazon continues to be the eCommerce leader, and the reasons could lie in their exciting business model. We know that Amazon has the value of being an innovator in their industry, and they offer many options for online shoppers. More than that, they have committed to being well priced and delivering at record speeds for their customers.

We’ve seen that the range of delivery options helps their profitability and high customer satisfaction ratings. Amazon’s power is convenience, and users do not have to visit a retail store to get the items they need.

We found in a recent Amazon Delivery post by Ridester that the delivery of Amazon goods has also opened a wide range of possibilities and brought about more convenience. You might wonder how Amazon can offer such a valuable service yet remain one of the most highly profitable companies.

That’s what we’ll include in this post. We’ll share 15 Amazing stats about Amazon’s super fast shipping and delivery times. Let’s get started.

1. Amazon Flex includes five types of delivery services

Amazon Flex is what the delivery service jobs available at Amazon is called.

The main delivery types include:

  • Amazon packages – which is delivery related to all the items sold on Amazon.com
  • Prime now delivery – Is the membership-based service that offers same-day delivery.
  • Amazon locker delivery includes delivery that goes to a locker where buyers can then pick up their items.
  • Merchant Pickups – Includes all items picked up from local merchants and delivered to Amazon customers.
  • Amazon Restaurant Delivery – Works precisely like Uber Eats or DoorDash and is a new service Amazon has included.

2. There 100 million Amazon Prime members

Generally, Amazon Prime Members get special perks such as lower rates on items and speedy delivery. There are currently 100 million Amazon Prime members globally, and they spend, on average, $1000 per year.

When you compare non Prime members, they spend, on average, $100-$500 per year on Amazon.

Yet, looking at these numbers, we also notice that Americans make up two-thirds of Prime users. This large Prime member base drives the need for super fast shipping and delivery as it directly impacts Amazon’s profits.

You can see a growing chart of Amazon Prime subscribers below, via Statista.

3. Amazon Prime Member receive packages with two days

If you are an Amazon Prime member, your focus is on when your package will arrive at your doorstep. You may have become a Prime member because of the super-fast delivery times. That’s why it’s good to know that as a Prime customer, you will be guaranteed a two-day shipping time on a select amount of items on Amazon.

Generally, these items are delivered using third party services like UPS or USPS. There are times when they will use the inhouse driving service called Amazon Flex to maintain the standards promised to Prime members such as Sunday delivery.

4. 10 U.S. Cities offer Prime Now services

Prime Now is a new service that you can access as an Amazon Prime customer that allows you to receive your everyday household items in one hour or two hours. This is pretty convenient, mostly if you would prefer to stay home instead of driving a distance to get your household items.

This new service provides both convenience and attracts a more significant market share to Amazon. Since they have a broad base of customers using the service, they can offer reasonable prices too. Remember that even if you are an Amazon Prime member, you will have to pay an additional fee for Prime Now services. The service is available in Atlanta, Ga, Boston, MA, and several other cities in the U.S.

5. Base Rate Pay for Amazon Prime Now Drivers is $18- $25

Amazon Prime Now drivers are essential when it comes to providing fast and efficient services to Amazon customers. As we mentioned previously, Prime members have opted to receive 1-2 hour delivery on their household items, so drivers are compensated for meeting the demand.

How does this work? While they earn a base pay of $18-$25 per hour, they are also eligible for additional compensation, such as tips. They do retain 100% of their tips.

There has also been a trend by Amazon to add a delivery tip automatically, but it’s optional for the customer to update it or remove it.

6. Attended delivery applies if your order is $500

Attended delivery is when you order something on Amazon, you must receive the order in person. If you aren’t available, then a representative should receive it in your place.

All Prime Now orders have this as a default setting, but they can opt to have the delivery person leave the package at their door if there isn’t an answer when they call.

Yet, keep in mind if the order is $500 or more, attended delivery is compulsory. This can certainly be helpful if you are expecting a valuable package, and it guarantees your parcel will be safe at every turn.

7. Alcohol Delivery is available in 16 cities using Prime Now

If you order alcohol via Prime Now, you must also be available to collect the order or have a representative ready to receive it.

The criteria are set because of the restrictions imposed on the sale of alcohol. Therefore a person aged 21 or older must show their I.D. and sign for the delivery.

On the delivery person’s side, they will scan your I.D. with the Amazon Flex app to ensure that they fulfill alcohol sales requirements. Alcohol delivery is limited to specific locations in the U.S.

If you live in one of these cities, then you can use receive an alcohol delivery as a prime now member:

  • Seattle, WA
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Austin, TX
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Chicago, IL
  • Houston, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
  • And six more cities.

8. Amazon lockers are available in 2000 locations in the U.S.

Many people may not have heard of Amazon lockers, and the reason for that is that it is not available everywhere in the U.S.

What exactly are Amazon lockers, you might be wondering?

Well, they are similar to P.O. boxes, which are owned by Amazon. It’s considered an alternative option where their customers who do not wish to receive deliveries at home opt for a locker delivery.

This is directly related to individuals who have been stealing packages recently when left in front of people’s doors. It curbs this behavior, and customers can safely check out the lockers for their package.

As of writing, this service is only available in 2000 U.S. locations in 50 metropolitan areas in the country. While it’s a small number of locations, it is useful and caters to a small customer subset. Prime deliveries continue to be more popular than this option as it’s more convenient.

9. Merchant picks ups are allowed in 13 cities from specific local stores.

It’s true Amazon is home to millions of items on their website, but there are a few items that would be impossible to offer. Yet, as they often do, they have tapped into a new market by collaborating with local merchants who provide specific products that can only be sourced at certain locations.

They found benefits for the customer, Amazon, and these stores when they partner with local brick and mortar stores. Customers get their favorite products, and merchants get to leverage Amazon’s customer base.

This is quickly done as they use their Flex drivers to make the pickups from merchants and deliver it to their customers. It’s available in all cities that offer prime now ranging from places like Fresh Thyme in Indianapolis to Tops Liquors in Phoenix. This service is perfect for local merchants who are liquor stores, which allows alcohol delivery.

10. Amazon has a restaurant delivery service in 20 cities

Amazon has undoubtedly tapped into every market possible, and it’s the same with restaurant delivery. This is included in their Amazon flex delivery service capabilities. This service makes it extremely easy for Amazon to compete with other food delivery services like Postmates and Uber Eats. It also allows Amazon customers to get their favorite food from local restaurants using one point: Amazon.com.

Like most services, it does depend on where you live. You can find most cities included, such as Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, and 17 other locations. For drivers on Amazon Flex, it can be more complicated for them as they need to find a place to park when collecting the order, and they may even need to wait as the food is prepared. Drivers can also extend their basic pay by their potential to earn tips.

11. Prime members enjoy free delivery on 100 million items on Amazon.

As we’ve covered in this list, the Amazon Prime service might be a way to get better delivery and service options from Amazon. As a Prime member, not only do you get free delivery, but you have 100 million options to choose from.

Generally, this is from the online store and might be restricted, but it helps to consider that the U.S. base hosts two-thirds of Amazon Prime members. Keeping this in mind, you will find that the broad base of prime members allows Amazon to provide better service and keep increasing the free delivery on items from now on. With Prime Now, which is an additional expense, you can get even more options such as same-day delivery.

12. 83% of Amazon Prime members love free two-day shipping

Every customer loves free parts of a service, and that’s why they would initially sign up for it. Amazon Prime customers indeed have many perks like discounts, special deals on Black Friday, and better delivery options. In a recent poll, however, it showed that the majority of Amazon Prime members loved the free two-day shipping option the most.

Why is that? We’ve seen the tendency that people are leaning more into instant gratification where they want everything to be done quickly and conveniently instead of waiting for weeks. Amazon Prime members love the convenience of having their favorite items delivered to their doors as soon as possible.

13. Amazon’s shipping costs equal $ 37.9 billion in the U.S. in 2019

This stat is fascinating when you consider that in 2018 the cost was 27.7 billion dollars. One of the drivers is that the Amazon Prime member base continues to grow, and Amazon has also offered more delivery options such as same-day delivery and restaurant delivery.

They need to hire more people to fulfill these roles, which is one reason for the higher costs. It’s also an indication that Amazon does want to ensure that they keep their member base happy and keep providing excellent service, knowing that long term it will affect their bottom line. That also includes the cost of their expansion in other countries and shipping costs on air, land, or sea.

14. During the holidays, some Amazon warehouses ship over 1 million items per day.

The holiday season is a time for giving, and Amazon Prime customers know that they can leverage the site to do it conveniently. That’s why Amazon also uses a range of employee’s and robots to work in their warehouses to provide the best service.

The main aim is to pack and ship items to meet the expected delivery times of customers. The exciting part of this is that the Amazon warehouse ships to countries all over the world. Finally, the demand increases as Amazon offers heavily discounted prices during the holidays.

15. Amazon has 200,000 robots working in their warehouse

Amazon has recently started to leverage the power of robotics in their warehouse. Amazon refers to these robots as drives, and they even have their own Amazon robotics business area to support the expansion of robots for fulfillment at Amazon.

Robots and humans work together at the warehouse so that the end customer can get the low cost of goods delivered to them. This is especially helpful during busier periods and supports providing fast and efficient delivery to their customers.

More than that, with over 100 million prime members who expect delivery within two days, this collaboration of robots with humans has significantly reduced turnaround times.

Final Thoughts

Amazon has quickly recognized the value of branching into different sectors, such as food delivery, to maximize the service they provide to their customers. Their primary option continues to be package delivery, where Amazon can offer either two-day delivery or same-day delivery to Prime customers.

This is the key reason many members sign up to use the service. Additionally, some customers prefer to have their items delivered to a locker for safety reasons, and Amazon uses their own lockers to cater to this need.

There is now an additional option of having food deliveries made. Amazon leverages its Amazon Flex drivers to ensure that its customers can receive food from their favorite restaurants on time.

This is a wide variety of options, and it only looks set to grow as more and more people look for convenient ways to get their goods and expect fast turnaround times.

Did you enjoy this post on 15 Amazing stats about amazon’s super fast shipping and delivery service? If so, please leave a comment and tell us which one was the most surprising for you!

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