The question to ask yourself every week to help you find direction with your company

Stop hiding behind the tasks that feel safe and start taking action on what you fear.

Every week, I sit down, open my notebook, and begin to write. It’s the same question, but with different answers.

How can I get to where I want, twice as fast, with half the effort?

The answer isn’t email, it isn’t a PowerPoint deck of slides for a meeting, it isn’t even attending a meeting. What reveals itself when asking this question is a simple, powerful, and clear direction. This single question has completely changed my mindset as a business owner, entrepreneur, and person. Here’s why:

1. It encourages you to delegate.

Asking this question requires you to think bigger and be willing to ask for help. In order to move fast, you can’t go alone. In pursuit of what you want, you will be faced with the decision to either do everything yourself and work tirelessly to get there, or pass actions off to those around you and move together.

When you push the limits of what’s possible for your life, you are going to get knocked off-center and find yourself in moments of doubt. It is within these moments where you question whether you are cut out for your dreams and where you must lean for support.

While it can be challenging to release control, when you ask yourself this question, the answer becomes simple. You must delegate, you must trust and you must relinquish some control in order to get where you want, without the tireless effort. Trust me, the journey becomes far more enjoyable when you do this. Not only are you freeing yourself up, but you are bringing others along for the exciting ride.

2. It drives consistency.

Success doesn’t happen in gradual swings, In fact, I’ve found it can happen overnight. But, consistency in action is required in order to reach the tipping point where everything changes.

When you are consistent in asking this question and acting upon the answer, you continually remove yourself from the unimportant actions and ideas that are going to stop you from making these larger swings forward.

The answer to this question will leave you with one single action. If you can consistently follow through, you will be laying the groundwork for that moment where everything changes.

3. It forces you to be honest.

If something isn’t working, you cut it. Truth be told, the answer is more often than not glaringly obvious. While you might want to hide behind the actions that are easy to you, deep down you know sending those invoices or setting up customer calls isn’t the task you should be focused on.

Almost a year ago I was faced with a decision to put a pause on a major passion project. While I loved the idea and mission, it was eating up my time, and slowing down the overall vision I had. As soon as I stopped moving this part of the business forward, everything else skyrocketed. Sometimes, recognizing something isn’t working is far more powerful than noticing something that is.

Take action grounded in the absolute truth. Remove the grip of perceived limitation and build the vision you want. It all starts with this single question.

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