6 signs you’re spending too many hours on your side hustle

Different people have different reasons for getting a side hustle. For you, the motivation might stem from having credit cards to pay off, or wanting to save up enough money to take a vacation. Or, you might simply want more income at your disposal to pay bills and enjoy everyday leisure and entertainment.

No matter your reason for getting a side hustle, that second gig could help your financial picture improve. The more time you put in, the more earnings you might eke out.

But be careful — there is such a thing as spending too much time plugging away at a side hustle. Here are six signs you’re falling into that trap.

1. You’re perpetually exhausted

It’s one thing to work your side hustle well into the night on occasion. But if you’re losing sleep consistently due to working so many hours, it’s a sign you’re going overboard. Not only is being sleep-deprived bad for your health, but it could also put your main job at risk. If you’re extra tired, you might struggle with productivity or even fall asleep during meetings.

2. You’re showing up late or cutting out early at your main job

Your side hustle really should not interfere with your main job. If you’ve increasingly been coming in late or ditching your office early to put in more hours at that side gig, it’s a sign you’re clocking in too much time. Boosting your income is a good thing, but if you put your primary paycheck at risk, you’ll only set yourself back financially.

3. You can’t remember the last time you socialized

It’s important to take time to hang out with friends, see family, and pursue hobbies. If you haven’t been able to carve out a single night in weeks for social purposes, then you’re probably sinking too many hours into your side hustle.

4. Your laundry and housework is piling up

We all have periods when life gets busy and things like laundry and dishes fall by the wayside. But if you’ve reached the point where your house looks neglected and you’re completely out of clean clothes to wear, then it’s a sign you may be spending too much time on your side hustle and not enough time tending to your basic needs.

5. You’ve been eating takeout every night because there’s no time to cook

It’s not unusual to get lazy and order takeout for a quick, easy meal. But if you’re constantly having to do that due to a clear lack of time to grocery shop and cook, then you may need to scale back your side hustle hours.

6. You’re teetering on the edge of burnout

Some people don’t mind working long hours and find ways to cope with an intense schedule. But if you’ve lost your ability to manage that setup and your mental exhaustion has peaked, then it could be that you’ve been pushing too hard with your side hustle, and it’s time to cut down on it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to maximize your side hustle income. But don’t push yourself to the point where the hours you’re putting in are unreasonable. If you do, you could end up suffering physical and mental health consequences, not to mention risking your main job. And that’s just not worth it.

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