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Is now really the time to start investing in the stock market?

Should you put your money in the stock market? This is a common question, especially in light of the economic volatility currently resulting from record-high inflation, a supply chain crisis, and the continuing threat of COVID-19.

But there’s actually a really simple way to answer this question…

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What would happen if you invested $100 a month in the stock market?

Most people spend $100 per month (or more) for cable TV or streaming services, their cellphone service, gas, coffee to go, or any number of things without thinking about it. Some people even spend money on subscriptions they’ve forgotten they had. I recently realized I was paying way…

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5 long-term investments you’ll thank yourself for later

Many of us are so busy with our day-to-day lives, making short-term decisions left and right, that we don’t pay much attention to the long term — to our futures. When we do think about it, we often put off doing things that we ought to do — like saving and investing for our retirement years…

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Could the stock market crash? While it may not happen immediately, here’s how to prepare

Don’t worry, no need to stop and check your stock, real estate and cryptocurrency investments to see what is going on. Rest assured; all is well. The Federal Reserve is still supporting financial markets by providing enough liquidity to fill up the Pacific Ocean, government officials are fine-tuning another stimulus package measured in the trillions…

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