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What would happen if you invested $100 a month in the stock market?

Most people spend $100 per month (or more) for cable TV or streaming services, their cellphone service, gas, coffee to go, or any number of things without thinking about it. Some people even spend money on subscriptions they’ve forgotten they had. I recently realized I was paying way…

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Stocks vs. mutual funds: Which should you invest in?

Stocks and mutual funds are both popular types of investments, allowing investors to build portfolios and grow their wealth. However, even though mutual funds often contain stocks, mutual funds and stocks have different traits that can appeal to various investors with different goals.

Here are the key features, as well...

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Index funds vs. mutual funds: What’s the difference?

New investors often want to know the difference between index funds and mutual funds. The thing is, sometimes index funds are mutual funds and sometimes mutual funds are index funds. It’s like asking the difference between apples and sweet food. Apples can be sweet or sour, while sweet food includes more than just apples. So it is with mutual…

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