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How to use your business plan to get investors excited about your startup

Certain business plans stand out more than others for investors. You want yours to be one they get excited about. That excitement can quickly translate into the funding you need to launch your startup.

Consider these strategies for enhancing your business plan to ramp up excitement among target investors…

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How to turn your idea into a business

Ask any successful entrepreneur how they came up with the idea for their business, and they’ll likely be able to pinpoint the exact moment or scenario. For my startup, Punch List, a project management app that helps contractors and homeowners better run remodels, the idea came from a particularly difficult experience renovating my home in Venice, CA in 2017…

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10 checklist items to help start your small business

Starting a business comes with multiple steps and processes that can overwhelm you. To make your life simpler, reference our checklist for starting a business below. It can help you if you don’t have the know-how to create your own startup checklist. Either way, having a physical list of items you can check off will make starting a business much smoother…

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The complete, 12-step guide to starting a business

Youtuber Daniel Rose just posted this incredible GoPro video that isn’t his, but we’re sure the owner is just fine with that. Here is Rose’s explanation:

“So this happened.. We decided to go fishing and with the first cast of the night my sisters fishing rod pulls up a GoPro camera! I have made this video public so that it can be shared around so that hopefully the SD card…

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