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How can you tell whether your employees are ‘FIT’ for leadership? This simple acronym can help

Leadership, in its complete and holistic definition, is a skillset every person needs. This can take different forms: There is the visionary leadership which we are most accustomed to. Then there is the interpersonal leadership that is associated with groups and one-on-one relationships. There is self-leadership, the leadership required to lead oneself through...

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8 Tips for Running a Startup Like a True Leader

Everybody thinks they’re a leader, but most are far from it. Successful startups, at all levels, depend on leadership and the ability of a few to organize both day-to-day and long-term goals. On the face of it, this sounds simple, but the reality is that not everyone is cut out to lead and to run a successful startup. It requires a certain mindset and armory of skills. These eight tips can help you lead your team.

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