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Comparing investments: real estate vs. crypto vs. gold

Diversification is an important element when it comes to constructing an investment portfolio. While most investors begin their career with stocks and bonds, there’s a wide variety of alternative investments that can act as great diversification tools to a traditional portfolio. Real estate and gold have long been viewed as viable alternative investments, but crypto is now…

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The risks of playing the stock market

To the uninitiated, the stock exchange can seem like a casino, with news and social media feeds sharing stories of investors striking it rich by playing the stock market. But while there are winners, there are also losers, those who lose money playing the market, sometimes pulling their money out of the market because they’re afraid of the potential of losing money…

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How to really invest in bitcoin

Bitcoin is starting the new year with a bang. While the cryptocurrency is only getting more popular, figuring out how — or even if — it fits into a traditional investment portfolio alongside stocks and bonds isn’t easy.

The digital currency hit an all-time high of $41,000 on Friday. While Bitcoin has now been around for more than a decade — and gotten its fair…

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