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7 questions to ask yourself before pursuing your next new venture

Before you start a business, ask yourself these questions to find the best match for you.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs I know are just waiting for that unique idea to strike them that will kickstart their new venture, put them in control of their lifestyle, allow them to achieve financial independence…

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4 ways to build a seven-figure brand and sellable business

As the world reopens, consumers are changing their mindset and adjusting back to everyday life. They are spending more on products, services, and various offers from entrepreneurs. While the growth opportunities are tremendous, a lack of clarity often derails that growth. You may have started your business around something you’re passionate about, but you...

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How to save the holidays: more joy, less cash

The holiday season is getting closer — and wallets lighter. Still, there are unpurchased gifts left on your list. Here’s how to come up with presents that will delight recipients without blowing up your budget.

Resist the temptation to throw caution to the wind because you’re just so tired of waiting for 2020 to be over and debt seems overwhelming…

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How to gain your financial independence

While many people dream of gaining financial independence overnight by hitting the right lottery numbers, others are working year after year to make it happen. Financial independence requires dedication and focus, but many can achieve it through simple steps, rather than relying on the "wouldn't it be nice" approach of trying to hit...

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