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10 items in your budget that you should revisit after an economic downturn

During pandemic lockdowns, many people drastically changed how they save and spend money. Those that lost jobs or income may have put a pause on retirement contributions, many people with student loans took advantage of the option to temporarily stop making payments, and almost everyone cut back on discretionary spending with more time spent at home…

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How to help a business thrive during an economic recession

Most entrepreneurs at least partially depend on the state of the economy for their businesses to thrive. During times of high consumer confidence, spending is higher, companies are willing to take more risks and most businesses are able to generate more revenue. But during times of hardship, it’s harder to get financing, revenue dries up and…

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‘COVID Is Different’: How Coronavirus Upended the Rules of Investing in a Recession

Usually, defensive stocks tend to fare better during an economic downturn. These include essential industries, like utilities (water, gas and electric), consumer staples (food, drinks and hygiene products) and health care. Cyclical stocks, on the other hand, have a harder time weathering a recessionary storm, as people stop buying discretionary purchases. Industries that...

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