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How much money do you need to start a business?

Starting a business is exciting and rewarding. But determining how much everything will cost can be challenging, as can finding those funds. A Shopify survey of 300 small business owners and 150 aspirational entrepreneurs in the U.S. found that they spent, on average, $40,000 in the first year of business. But every business is unique, and costs will vary…

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Exposing the top three myths about successful startups

The concept of “startup” has grown so big that its very essence has been mystified by industry norms, stories and the media. About 472 million entrepreneurs and 305 million startups are created each year. Of those startups, 1.3 million are tech-related. Irrespective of the industry, most of them fail. Why do 90 percent of startups fail to pull through?

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6 insider secrets for turning your business idea into a runaway success

Simply having a great business idea doesn’t guarantee that you’ll soon be running a successful startup. You’ll need funding, a solid business plan and lots of luck. But, every once in a while, lightning strikes and a good business idea turns into a wildly popular startup. It could happen for you, too…

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The complete, 12-step guide to starting a business

Youtuber Daniel Rose just posted this incredible GoPro video that isn’t his, but we’re sure the owner is just fine with that. Here is Rose’s explanation:

“So this happened.. We decided to go fishing and with the first cast of the night my sisters fishing rod pulls up a GoPro camera! I have made this video public so that it can be shared around so that hopefully the SD card…

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