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We asked 6 entrepreneurs: ‘What expenses have you realized your company is better off without?’

1. Build business before buzz
“It’s enticing to spend on sexy things like PR and events. But while awareness is great — and needed — you want to make sure you have the distribution set up to fully take advantage of the awareness. Early on, we spent on those things to build buzz, but we didn’t have enough retail distribution…

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3 steps to turn your side hustle into your full-time job

A lot of people get side jobs these days to boost their savings, pay off debt, or make some extra money for things like entertainment and vacations. And, ideally, you’ll manage to find a side gig you enjoy doing.

But what if you like your side hustle so much that you decide you want to take it full-time? It may be that you like the work better than what you…

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